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The 20 jobs in Digital- June 8th 2020 on

This book will enable you to meet experts who love their job, talk about it with passion and share real perspectives on future developments – from the impact of AI to that of the movement of self-employed workers (freelancers, consultants).

Read 60 interviews with professionals from the new technologies sector working at companies including: Accor hotels, Adobe, Babel, BCG, Cabify, Cathay Capital, Cognizant, Debenham, Deliveroo, Draper Esprit, Facebook, Furla, Google, Gracenote, Hearst, Hubspot, IBM, Loreal, Media Monks, Michael Page, Ogilvy, Ogury, Perkbox, SAP, Shopify, Vend, Yext, Zalando.

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Digital is now impacting all industries, offers multiple job opportunities and is therefore attracting an increasing amount of talent. Nevertheless, it is a complex environment and over the past 15 years, the humble webmaster of the late 90s has evolved into a host of other roles, as new products and services have developed. Jobs within the sector develop at an unprecedented speed and  can even appear / disappear within the course of a few years. Lastly, it is a sector largely centered around technology and driven by the widespread use of acronyms and Anglo-Saxon terms.

We therefore decided to put ourselves in the shoes of the increasing number of students who want to enter the Digital sector and who ask themselves the following questions: what does it mean to be a Community Manager, Data Analyst or UX Manager day-to-day? Which job is the most sought after? Which one is the best fit for me?

This publication sets out to explain the key concepts to understanding the sector and its professions. Taking our own matrix of 20 trades as a starting block, we developed an empirical approach by collecting the testimonials of 60 experts. Our book, which is halfway between market research and analysis, is intended to be “global”, since the professionals surveyed work in 15 different countries throughout Europe, Asia and America. Our ambition is thus to help the reader, wherever in the world he may be, to understand how the same profession can be exercised from one country to another.

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